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    Focus Active Activewear Singapore Jala

    Jala is a SoCal, yoga-inspired apparel brand established in 2008 by
    Kelly Kolterman, an artist, yoga teacher and previous yoga studio owner. Jala is Sanskrit for “sacred waters of life” and in yoga, water symbolizes transformation, creativity, and adaptability. Jala’s logo, the lotus flower, symbolizes infinite possibilities and connecting to a higher consciousness. Jala's soft, buttery fabrics, comfortable flowing styles, and positive designs fuse fashion with mindfulness, yoga and active lifestyles.

    Jala is committed to following ethical and responsible business practices. We seek out ethical and environmentally conscious suppliers. Many of our manufacturers are family owned California businesses that manufacture locally here in Los Angeles. Jala engages in many green business practices including recycling and engaging in paperless office practices. Learn more about Jala Green here.

    At Jala, we believe in and practice "seva," the Sanskrit term for "selfless service." Jala partners with Yoga Gives Back, a non-profit organization whose mission is to help mothers in India start their own businesses and send their children to school. Every purchase of a Jala item and 100% of the profits from the Yoga Gives Back collection support this amazing organization. Learn more here
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