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    Carefully curated pieces direct from the people who make them. Every product listed here has been meticulously tried and tested by our team. We've worked tirelessly with our partners to bring you premium quality accessories at affordable prices.



    What Is F.A. Direct?

    The newest feature to be added to the Focus Active Family. Focus Active Direct allows you to shop quality guaranteed products shipped direct from our chosen manufacturing partners. That means slightly longer waiting times but, more importantly means premium accessories at incredibly affordable prices 
    Each and every item available has been carefully curated. We feature only products that we have deemed worthy of our FA Family. We guarantee that each product has been extensively tested by our team. We take care of everything for you - shipping to Singapore is absolutely free and capped at 2-3 weeks shipping time. 

    Why F.A. Direct

    FA Direct takes the risk out of shopping straight from manufacturers. We know what a headache it can be when trying to sieve through hundreds of suppliers available online and wondering if their products are actually any good. We know what it’s like to order something and end up completely disappointed with its quality when it finally arrives. We know how difficult it is with confusing delivery options and ridiculous waiting times. It’s a messy world out there. We make things simple for you. We take care of everything from the search, the quality tests and the shipping.  

    Quality guaranteed, what you see is exactly what you get. No unpleasant surprises. 

    How long will my order take to arrive?

    Your order will take only 2-3 weeks to arrive. Your order may arrive in separate packages. All packages from F.A. Direct are tracked and you’ll be able to follow its journey right to your doorstep. Shipping is free.

    What if I've ordered from products from Focus Active's regular collection as well as F.A. Direct products? What can I expect in terms of shipping costs and timing?

    It's easy! All items from our regular collection will be subject to our normal shipping fees and timings which are calculated at check out. Generally, items in this collection will take only 4-5 days to arrive in your mailbox or doorstep. All other items ordered via F.A Direct will come in separate packages and will take 2-3 weeks to arrive at your doorstep via free tracked shipping. That means your items will come in separate packages and you only pay for shipping on our regular collection and nothing on F.A. Direct items. 
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