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    5 Amazing Benefits of Waking Up Early

    5 Amazing Benefits of Waking Up Early

    Some people love it, some people hate it - waking up early and getting started on your day at the crack of dawn. Here are 5 reasons why being an early riser is great for both your health as well as success! 


    1. Productivity and Proactivity - You're in-charge of your day!

    Getting up early means that you get to get started on your day earlier. It gives you a kickstart for whatever lies ahead! It gives you a undeniable sense of achievement and definite boost of confidence. It helps you feel in-charge of your day.

    You're up early and you're ready to start the day. You made that decision to get out of bed, you are in full control of your body and nothing can get you down!

    Research suggests that early risers tend to be more energetic and take less time to complete tasks. They are also more primed to making better decisions and achieving goals! 

    5 Amazing Benefits of Waking Up Early, Health and Wellness, Active, Focus Active

    2. Fitness - You'll have less excuses to skip exercise

    You're less likely to skip your workout when you wake up early. Starting your day with a workout is much easier than ending your day with one. Put on your shoes right after you wake up and make your way out the door. You'll have a lot less time to come up with excuses. 

    There are less distractions in the morning. You won't have colleagues asking you out for dinner or drinks, you won't be exhausted from a long day of work and best of all you won't have to fight evening crowns for the treadmill!

    Once again, another great benefit is the sense of achievement you get from completing a task early in the morning. You've finished your workout for the day, and you're ready to tackle whatever else is ahead of you. You feel good, you feel accomplished and you feel confident!

    5 Amazing Benefits of Waking Up Early, Health and Wellness, Active, Focus Active

    3. Better Sleep - You'll wake up feeling refreshed

    Waking up early has shown to result in better sleep at night. You might have trouble waking up early now, but once you make it a habit, you'll find that rising early helps you feel more refreshed in the day. 

    5 Amazing Benefits of Waking Up Early, Health and Wellness, Active, Focus Active

    4. Breakfast -  The most important meal of the day.

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It kick starts your metabolism and keeps you feeling energised through the day! Waking up late often means skipping breakfast because you're rushing to get to work or to start your day. Wake up early and make time for yourself - you wont regret it! Wake up early and start your day with some healthy food. Take time for yourself in the morning and start your day right!

    5 Amazing Benefits of Waking Up Early, Health and Wellness, Active, Focus Active Health Tips


    5. Positivity - Happy Happy Happy!

    Waking up early gives you a more positive attitude. As mentioned above, it gives you an immediate sense of achievement. It helps you feel ahead of everyone else who is still slumbering in their beds. You're ahead of the pack, you've already started on your day and achieved so much before it's even 10am. It keeps you motivated through the day and gives you a much needed boost of confidence!

    5 Amazing Benefits of Waking Up Early, Health and Wellness, Active, Focus Active Health Tips


    I'm a night owl, how do I start waking up early?

    1. Start Slow

    Make it a gradual process. If you often wake up at 8am, suddenly forcing yourself to wake up at 6.30am every morning will be a nightmare! 

    Allow your body so slowly get used to waking up earlier. Over the span of a week, set your alarm earlier bit by bit. Once your body is used to it, getting up early will be easy-peasy!

    2. Sleep Earlier

    It's important to get enough sleep every night! Waking up early doesn't mean that you can still go to bed past midnight every night! Once again, try to slowly change your late night habits and go to sleep earlier day by day. Creating a good sleeping routine will allow your body to have better quality sleep through the night. 

    3. Don't Snooze

    Put your alarm clock far from your bed. This will mean that you'll have to get out of bed to shut it off - thus reducing the risk of you falling back asleep. Try not to snooze your alarm. Get out of bed the moment the alarm goes. You'll feel less lethargic and groggy this way! 

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